Hey, I'm Yassin El Hardouz

Business Research Analyst at Infomineo: Nov 2022- Current/ Rabat

Infomineo is the brainchild of Hamza Laraichi and Martin Tronquit, two former consultants who wanted to solve the problem faced by executives and consultants of accessing high-quality work for complex services like research and design.

Today, with more than 200 employees, Infomineo is the collective adventure of a full team of highly engaged and fun individuals, who built, through sweat and laughs, an amazing company.

Infomineo has now gone beyond its founders, with a great team, an impressive track of record, and not less amazing clients.



Founder and CEO of ELR12: Dec 2021-Nov 2022 / Rabat

– Rejected a $70000 financing to turn this blog into a media company.


Innovation Consultant at TIBU: Jun 2021-Dec 2021 / Casablanca

– Helped launch a Sports-tech Incubator funded by the embassy of Netherlands.
– Recruited 14 Startups.
– Funded 25% of the batch.
– Organization of workshops and events.
– Reporting to General Management and to the Embassy.

Founder and CEO of FITTOGETHER: Jul 2019-Jun 2021 / Rabat

– Réseau entreprendre alumnus. (Mentored by 8 CEOS).
– Startup incubated by Technopark.
– Raised pre-seed funding from CCG. ( 10000$ )
– Launched a website and a Mobile app.
– Social Media: +5000 followers, +58000 impressions.
– Partnerships with major fitness influencers.
– Managed a team of 3 people.

FITTOGETHER - Réseau entreprendre

Medical Student at FMPR: 2016-2019 / Rabat

– Dropped out third year to launch my first startup.