Villgro Africa: Call for Innovative Startups

Call for Innovative Startups: Villgro Africa

Villgro Africa is looking for Innovative solutions that address the lack of access to quality and affordable Health Services; technologies in low-income populations across Africa.
Startups can apply to join Villgro Africa and receive funding from $20,000, business development expertise (Technical Assistance) and access to further investment opportunities.

Eligibility criteria for Villgro Africa:

  • A product/hardware Innovation or service delivery/business model innovations with a Health and Life Sciences focus.
  • The solution should preferably have a direct impact to the low-income population and solving one or more health problems
  • The solution must be scalable and sustainable (For profit company)
  • The company must have a minimum viable product (not in the idea stage)

For more information: Visit here!

Current Calls for Application:

Call for Application: Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator

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