Helping entrepreneurs in Morocco: interview with Meryam ZOUHRI

Réseau Entreprendre accompanies entrepreneurs with job creation potential to help them succeed in creating, taking over or growing their business

Moroccan entrepreneurs : an inspiring experience to start your own business.

« Réseau entreprendre » is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 by André MULLIEZ, his goal was to help entrepreneurs by providing the skills and the experience of active business leaders through peer to peer exchange. « réseau entreprendre » originally began in France and grown into a major organization of 14000 business leaders in 10 countries to include moroccan entrepreneurs and business.

Our interview with the general manager of « réseau entreprendre morocco » Meryam ZOUHRI : moroccan entrepreneurs experience

Can you tell us a bit about yourself ? and how did you join « Réseau Entreprendre Morocco» ?

In 2011, I was contacted by the former director of “Réseau Entreprendre Morocco”. I used to work with him in 2007 on the “Moukawalati” project. By explaining to me the role and the noble mission of “Réseau Entreprendre Morocco”, I didn’t hesitate to resign from my old job. I applied to be coordinator of “Réseau Entreprendre Casablanca”, a section that was being launched at the time. What impressed me the most was that this project is led by business leaders for new moroccan entrepreneurs, real entrepreneurial support, based on human values, volunteering, and qualification!

Since then, seeing the creation of entrepreneurs, seeing these founders supported by our network succeed, investing myself with the help of our members to help these entrepreneurs to succeed and build their companies, enable them thanks to the support of our members to fit easily into the Moroccan ecosystem… Such beautiful things and values ​​ make me more passionate about what I do. It helps me invest myself more in the development of our network and to be able to support as many entrepreneurs as possible!!!

How does « Réseau Entreprendre Morocco » help moroccan entrepreneurs ? What is your strategy ?

“Réseau Entreprendre Morocco” was created in 2005, thanks to a group of activists and the support of Réseau Entreprendre France to help the economic development of our country by providing young Moroccan entrepreneurs with financial capital and entrepreneurial support by business leaders. The goal is to help new entrepreneurs who create significant jobs and wealth succeed.

The members of “Réseau Entreprendre Maroc” who are active business leaders with great knowledge and experience mentor Moroccan entrepreneurs. The idea is to allow entrepreneurs to learn from people who once were in their shoes and made it

Thus, each alumnus of “Réseau Entreprendre Morocco” benefits from personalized coaching by one of our members. The mission of each mentor is to:

  • Morally support the alumni;
  • Share their experience and skills with the alumni,
  • Help founders find solutions and implement strategies;
  • Provide advice
  • Help the winners identify problems and save time solving them;
  • Support them in the development of their innovation.

To summarize, it is a question of applying a formula. It has already proved its worth both internationally and in Morocco and which has enabled us to support nearly 300 laureates since 2011 and to create or save more than 1,100 jobs.

Why do ceos join « Réseau Entreprendre » ? what is the purpose of helping Moroccan entrepreneurs ?

Our members adhere to the strong values ​​that drive our network, its noble mission, and thus form a network of solidarity in the service of job creation. They are convinced that job creation is inseparable from the success of moroccan entrepreneurs. They are mobilized accordingly by providing time, resources and skills.

What are your values ?

The actions of Réseau Entreprendre are based on 3 fundamental values:

1. The most important thing is people

Before the quality of the project, it is the person himself, his potential to become an entrepreneur, that mobilizes the support of business leaders.

2. Our principle is free help

Offer young entrepreneurs free help, so that all their resources contribute to the success of their project; (economic citizenship and selflessness). With this vision in mind :

The loan of honor, as financial leverage, granted to the person who undertakes or develops;

No equity by members of the association in the winning companies;

Free advice and support.

3. The spirit is reciprocity

The members of “Réseau Entreprendre Maroc” – active business leaders with great knowledge and experience – mentor Moroccan entrepreneurs.

Why do you help moroccan entrepreneurs for free ?

To answer your question, I am going to quote André MULLIEZ the Founder of “Réseau Entreprendre”:“L’argent est nécessaire, mais pour ceux qu’on aide, il faut qu’on le fasse d’une manière gratuite moyennant quoi ils vous reconnaissent une autorité vraie parce que vous avez renoncé au pouvoir!”

The mission of “Réseau Entreprendre Maroc” isn’t to make money but to contribute to the success of entrepreneurs who create significant jobs and wealth.

Are there any success stories ?

Since 2011, we have seen the birth of several great success stories: Infomineo,, Mobiblanc, Fundays Voyages, Sypex, Indatacor, VBS….

Behind these great stories, talented entrepreneurs but also volunteer business leaders who supported them with the desire to pass on and share their experience to see them succeed.

What do you hope to achieve in the next few years ? and how ?

Our ambition is to become a leading player in supporting businesses in a fast-changing world to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

How? ‘Or’ What?

Remaining anchored to our purpose and mission;

Continuing to improve our process and our methods while remaining focused on actions and results;

Engaging more business leaders as well as the creation of an Expert Support Member certification by “Réseau Entreprendre Morocco”;

Engaging more institutional and financial partners to support our mission and our actions in favor of entrepreneurship in Morocco;

Working more as a network in our ecosystem.

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