Call For Application: ygap Kenya June 2022 Accelerator Program

Call For Application: ygap Kenya June 2022 Accelerator Program

The ygap Kenya Accelerator Program helps ventures to refine and validate their business model, move towards financial sustainability, and grow the impact that they are having in their community.
Ventures that complete the ygap Kenya Accelerator Program expand their ability to increase revenue, create employment opportunities, secure further investment, and make a real difference in the communities they operate within.

What it looks like:

The ventures they select begin by attending a live-in capacity building Bootcamp where their business models are strengthened, they meet a cohort of like-minded entrepreneurs, and they are equipped with the tools they need to grow.
After the Bootcamp and after conducting a needs assessment, their team of local experts provides ongoing accountability and business development sessions, strategic and operations coaching, masterclasses and webinars, access to catalytic grants, on-site business development sessions, and brokered linkages to mentors, customers, advisors, and other players within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Who they’re looking for:

  • Ventures that have already launched and are currently operational. In most cases, participating ventures must be formally registered and proof of this status will be required (unless this is not applicable to where your business runs).
  • Ventures that are post-revenue and able to provide evidence of commercial transactions.
  • Ventures that clearly recognize and desire the benefits and value of participating in the ygap program. ygap invests deeply in the ventures we support, and expect the same level of dedication and investment in participating in the ygap program.
  • Ventures that have a social or environmental focus. Through the operation of the business, ventures must be working toward making their community, their city, or their country a better place.
  • Ventures that are “local” to the issue they’re solving, intimately connected to their community, passionate and committed, and it for the long-haul.
  • Ventures that have a unique element to their business. It could be a unique product or service offering, a unique production method, or a unique business model.

For more information visit ygap kenya.

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