Call for Application: Katapult Mauritius Accelerator

Call for Application: Katapult Mauritius Accelerator

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator Program at Ferney Agri-hub: Supporting international startups that advance regenerative food- and agritech solutions targeting the African market.

As an island nation, situated strategically between India and the African continent, with a stable democracy, strong financial sector and an increased focus on sustainability, Mauritius is a great entry point for start-ups and impact investors, who want to target the African market. Mauritius will become a nexus for regenerative change in our food systems.

About the Accelerator:

Katapult Mauritius Accelerator at Ferney Agri-hub is an impact accelerator program focusing on regenerative food -and agritech solutions for the African markets. The program fits international startups working within all parts of the food system. The accelerator is part of a larger plan to develop the island nation Mauritius as a focal point for sustainable innovation and transformation.

Katapult’s model:

At Katapult they work tirelessly to allocate more capital into impact investing, with the aim of speeding up the change towards a more sustainable planet. For Katapult Africa, they do this through an impact fund focusing on food and agritech regenerative solutions. The fund invests between $150 000 to $400 000 for equity in each of the selected companies in their accelerator program.

Their investment cycle runs for about 10 months from start to finish, including the program, where they gather some of the best impact tech companies and connect them with mentors and experts across the globe, together with leading industry partners. Through tailored content they help the selected companies scale fast, and the investment- and accelerator model has been proven and strengthened through 10 Katapult programs over the last 4 years.

Are you a startup working in the field of regenerative food, digital solutions associated with food systems or agri-tech? Apply to Katapult Mauritius Accelerator program at Ferney Agri-hub? Apply here!

The deadline for application is 17th February 2022.

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