Call For Application: AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge

Call For Application: AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge

The AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge is looking for impact-driven entrepreneurs with groundbreaking solutions operating in the agri-tech space that aim to enhance efficiency, equity, and environmental sustainability for Morocco to deliver on the Generation Green 2020-2030 Strategy.

Sectors of focus:

The AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge would like to attract and support disruptive solutions of a product or service (either technology, or methodologies, or practices) at a proof-of-concept or minimum-viable-product (MVP) stage, this is not limited to as they target also more mature innovations that address at least one of the priority areas:

  • Climate risk adaptation – Solutions aiming to build resilience through supporting the choices of crop varieties, and water and energy use optimization in irrigated agriculture
  • Value chains efficiency – Solutions aimed at accelerating the development of a transformation around key value chains in Morocco amongst other dairy, cereal, sugar, vegetables, meat, and oil value chain by informing farmers and facilitating their access to markets.
  • Capacity building – Solutions designed to improve the availability and quality of human resources through training and upskilling labor, reducing labor harshness, improving access to equipment and technology, and connecting staff with labor opportunities.
  • Financial services  – we are looking for solutions developed to help farmers to access adequate financial services and climate-linked and crop protection schemes, optimizing the financial performance of farms, and enhancing the monitoring and management of pests and diseases.
  • Market traceability and transparency – Solutions created to improve market traceability and transparency to strengthen market competitiveness. Innovations improve production quality and traceability, optimize logistics, and introduce product and packaging innovations.

Awards and Benefits:

  • Tailored support from agri-tech business mentors.
  • Connections with CGIAR scientists.
  • Access to new business opportunities.
  • Visibility at a global scale to a network of investors and industry experts.
  • Guided post-acceleration support.

For more Information: Visit AgriTech4Morocco Innovation Challenge.

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